Dr. Sadler

Dr. Sadler

Dr. Sadler's family were farmers in Dimmitt, Texas and he grew up working on and learning the farming business. In 1971 he and his family moved to Lubbock to start his practice of General Dentistry. His 1st office was located at 6500 Quaker Avenue, then in 1982 he along with 3 other dentist built offices at 3315- 64th Street where he still maintains his practice. Dr. Sadler has been very active in local and state dental offices and served fellow dentist as well as the public, supporting better dentistry and improved health care for the public. Always an advocate for continuing education he has strived to be up to date on current advances in treatment. He has been active in civic organizations and church related projects including mission trips to Mexico and Brazil to provide dental care in remote areas.

Special Interests/Procedures:

Dr. Sadler enjoys hunting and fishing and attending sports events, with his grandchildren's sports events a priority. He also enjoys maintaining the family farm especially during the summer months.

Dental Background:

He graduated from Dimmitt High School in 1959, he attended Texas Tech University majoring in Engineering and Chemistry. In 1964 he entered the University Of Texas Dental School in Houston, Texas and graduating in 1968 he joined the U.S.Army Dental Core. He served for three years in Brussels, Belgium while stationed with the NATO.